Josh Norman disses Dez Bryant, OBJ in outspoken interview

Josh Norman dissed Dez Bryant as “just a guy” and said Odell Beckham Jr. “is a big kid” in a wide-ranging interview published Thursday on Bleacher Report.

The Redskins cornerback has never lacked for confidence, and he made some predictably brash statements about his game and rival wide receivers in the interview.

Regarding his games this coming season against the Cowboys and Bryant and the Giants and Beckham, Norman promised mayhem.

“Trust me when I tell you, it’s going to be bad blood this year,” he told the website. “You think the NFC East didn’t like each other before? This year right here? There’s going to be a lot of fines and maybe some suspensions.”

Norman dismissed both Bryant and Beckham. When asked about Bryant, Norman said, “That’s a guy. Just a guy. Dez was Dez in 2012, ’13, ’14. Maybe ’14. Now? He’s a guy. He doesn’t ‘wow’ you. For me, he Cheap Jerseys Paypal Payment don’t. For other guys, he probably will do the worst to them because he’ll bully them. But you can’t bully a bully. …That’s why his game doesn’t resonate to me.”

Norman and Beckham have tangled during and after games the past two seasons. The most infamous incident came in a 2015 game when Norman, then with the Panthers, and Beckham scuffled on the field on several occasions, leading to fines for Norman and a one-game suspension for Beckham.

Norman told Bleacher Report that Beckham behaves Cheap Jerseys Sell differently when the two rivals meet.

“He tries to be a tough guy. He tries to put on this persona which he’s not,” Norman said. “He does things that he normally wouldn’t do because of all the pressure and added hype that he has to put on his whole persona. He’s not this guy. If you go back and watch the games in which we play compared to the games we don’t play each other, he’s a totally different guy.”

“When people get physical, tough, like the Minnesota game, he acts out. He’s a kid. He’s a big kid, man.”

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Remember when Brent Musburger called baseball games?

This could help fix the problem they caused a year ago when they let Josh Norman walk away. The usual caveat, of course, is Revis is not the Revis of old, and he’s not as good as Norman is now.

But he’s an upgrade from the mess the Panthers had there last year. Since they also welcomed back Julius Peppers up front, adding that experience (albeit also age) in the back of the defense can’t hurt.

Sports fans today primarily think of Brent Musburger as a football and basketball announcer, but his long and storied career also included stints calling baseball games for CBS radio and ABC television.

Musburger, 77, who announced his retirement Wednesday, was last on the national pro baseball stage during the 1995 postseason, when he called games for ABC. His assignment included the ALDS between the Yankees and Mariners, a series that produced a number of memorable moments — including one of the more famous postseason walkoffs of all time.

Edgar Martinez’s series-clinching walk-off double that plated Ken Griffey Jr. to send the Mariners to the ALCS is usually accompanied by the classic radio call from late Seattle announcer Dave Niehaus. But Musburger had the call for ABC, and his was equally enthusiastic. Have a listen.

With Hardy, Ray Rice and Josh Brown among the league’s recent black marks, it was difficult not to have a damning initial reaction to the Elliott accusation. There also the fact that the star back he succeeded at Ohio State, current 49ers starter Carlos Hyde, was suspended for three Cheap Jerseys USA Soccer college games after police investigated an altercation between Hyde and a woman at a bar.

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Woman grazed by bullet at Brewers-Cardinals game

A woman watching Tuesday night’s Brewers-Cardinals game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis was grazed in the arm by a stray bullet, the Cardinals announced Wednesday.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch first reported the incident, citing police sources who said the woman was treated at the stadium for minor injuries.

Dozier, 29, smashed 42 home runs last season after reaching unrivaled form following the All-Star break.

Los Angeles is in desperate need of a second baseman, but it remains hesitant giving up multiple top prospects.

Minnesota is nowhere near contending in the tough American League, so they can remain patient and hold out for the best offer.

Dozier, who is under contract for two more seasons, will Cheap Jerseys Ireland make a relatively low $15 million over that time.

Julio Urias is an untouchable commodity in Los Angeles, but guys like Scott Kazmir, Scott Van Slyke or Andrew Toles could be used to sweeten the deal.

While this trade still appears likely to happen before spring training, the Twins have proven they can not be bullied.

The Associated Press reported that Abreu’s revelation came as he testified under limited immunity in the trial of Bartolo Hernandez, a Florida-based sports agent, and Julio Estrada, a baseball trainer, who are accused of alien smuggling and conspiracy.

The 2014 AL Rookie of the Year described an Air France flight from Haiti to Miami, during which he said he ordered a beer and used it to wash down “little by little” the page of his fake passport that contained a false name and his photo.

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Josh Cribbs officially retires from the NFL

Josh Cribbs, one of the NFL’s most dynamic return men, announced his retirement from the league on Wednesday.

Cribbs, 33, was named to the NFL’s All-Decade team for the 2000s and is tied with Leon Washington for the most kickoff returns in NFL history with eight.

Cribbs spent eight of his 10-year NFL career with the Browns and set 11 franchise records after the Browns signed him in 2005 as an undrafted free agent. The former Kent State quarterback led the NFL in return yards in 2007 with 1,809 kickoff return yards and 405 punt return yards and three touchdowns. His 306 total return yards against the Ravens that season are the third-most in NFL history.

“There was some other ligament … the meniscus, and there was some other ligament stuff that they repaired,” Rizzo said. “But it was nothing that was not anticipated from the films.”

The expected recovery time is six to nine months, and while there is optimism for a fall return, the more likely scenario has the center fielder returning next spring.

Eaton himself seems elated the surgery is behind him so he can start rehab. He posted an Instagram picture of himself in a hospital bed, smiling and flashing a thumbs up.

“We made it!,” the post reads. “Getting on the road Cheap Jerseys China Vip to recovery! Can’t wait to get after it. Big thanks to all of the doctors/nurses who made it go smoothly.
I miss being out there with the boys! Soon enough!”

Eaton was off to a good start in his first season with the Nationals, with two home runs, 13 RBIs and a .855 OPS in 23 games.

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Pirates’ Josh Bell primed for breakout season — thanks to yoga

The 2017 MLB season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start discussing who will be the new breakout star.

Pirates first baseman Josh Bell is a prime Cheap Islanders Jerseys candidate.

The 24-year-old power hitter played in 45 games last season for Pittsburgh. He slugged .273/.368/.406 with three home runs and 19 RBIs. In 128 at-bats, Bell also drew 21 walks.

The door has opened for Bell to start for the Pirates next season, and with a new workout plan he’s ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

Tretter isn’t a huge name, but the 6-4 307-pound center is exactly what the Browns needed. Cameron Erving was the center in Cleveland last year, but struggled with the position. He’s expected to move to right tackle in 2017 as the Browns try to figure out what to do with him.

Pro Football Focus had Tretter as their fifth-best center last season before he suffered an injury. He was the Packers’ starter for seven games.

Retaining guard Joel Bitonio was also important for Cleveland. He’s had some trouble staying on the field, missing 11 games in 2016, but when he plays he’s one of the best. He and Joe Thomas will protect the left side of the line, pairing up to be a lethal duo.

Zeitler joining the Browns, who have over $102 million in salary cap space, will not only help them by protecting their quarterback, but he’s also stolen from a division foe. The Bengals will now lose Zeitler and Andrew Whitworth, who is headed to the Rams.

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NFL free agency: Browns have interest in Geno Smith, possibly as starter

Geno Smith is still on the NFL’s free agent market, as most expected. While the 26-year-old is still young and has time to develop, he hasn’t shown a lot in his four years as a player that would insipire confidence from most teams.

There are a few teams, however, that have expressed some interest in Smith. Ian Rapoport said Tuesday morning on NFL Network that Smith had a meeting with the Giants over the weekend that went “extremely well.” In addition, Rapoport said Smith has drawn interest from the Chargers and Browns.

Price has had similar issues in spring training in the past, but Farrell told reporters Wednesday the current problem is of “greater intensity.”

Price has been a workhorse since 2010 with the Rays. The 31-year-old shouldered the load for an injury-wracked Red Sox rotation last season, leading the majors with 35 starts and 230 innings. But his 3.99 ERA was his worst since his rookie season with Tampa Bay in 2009, and he surrendered a career-high 8.9 hits per nine innings.

Injury issues are out of the norm for Price, who at most missed about six weeks Cheap Giants Jerseys in the middle of the 2013 season with a strained triceps. Otherwise he’s been dependable, one of the many reasons Boston gave him a seven-year, $217 million contract.

Price won’t have to carry as many innings with Chris Sale now in the fold, but elbow injuries don’t go away overnight. Expect the Red Sox to take their time with the health of their prize investment.

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NFL free agency: Stephen Hauschka reportedly signs 4-year deal with Bills

Former Seattle kicker Stephen Hauschka has reportedly found a new home in Buffalo.

According to multiple reports, Hauschka signed a four-year deal worth $12.4 million with the Bills on Thursday. ESPN was the first to report the deal.

Hauschka, a 2016 Pro Bowl alternate, has been one of the most sure-footed kickers in the NFL over the past six seasons. He made 175 of 197 field-goal attempts (88.8 percent) since 2011, including an 89.1 field-goal completion percentage in 2016, when he made 33 of 37 field goals.

During that time, Hauschka completed 52 of 65 field goals from at least 40 yards out (80 percent) and 16 of 24 field goals from at least 50 (66.7 percent). He did, however, miss on six extra point attempts in 2016, five of which were blocked.

Hauschka’s release from Seattle seemed inevitable after the Seahawks signed Cheap Google Jerseys former Vikings kicker Blair Walsh to a one-year, $1.1 million deal in February. Hauschka will likely replace Dan Carpenter in Buffalo after the latter completed 19 of 25 field-goal attempts in 2016.

Maybe we can let the men on the field be kids for three hours at a time.

With the infusion of not only more youth in the game, but also more international players than ever, MLB is facing something of an identity crisis. Should it continue the old-school ways of a Guidry, or should more American-born players continue to adopt other nations’ styles?

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NBA mock draft: The 76ers reach the end of The Process with another No. 1 pick

The 2017 NBA draft had a lot to live up to. From the moment the 2016 draft ended, the hype started to build for next year’s crop of talent. Now only three weeks away from the lottery, it’s fair to wonder what we really know about this draft.

As a responsible media organization, we should probably caution you not to put too much faith in free agency. You don’t have to be a complete Ted Thompson-style skeptic about it, but landing a whole new batch of veteran players is never a panacea for covering up bad management or terrible coaching.

Last year, the Jaguars were lauded for their free agent moves. Unfortunately, a roster loaded with talent wasn’t enough to overcome Gus Bradley’s coaching. The Giants, on the other hand, spent a bundle in free agency to give their defense an injection of talent, and it worked like a charm.

All we’re saying here is not to let the excitement of being an armchair general manager cloud your grip on reality.

The Jaguars dipped their toes into the free agency waters again in 2017, dishing out big money to Calais Campbell, A.J. Bouye and Barry Church. Better luck this time around, Jacksonville.

On the surface, those first 10 starts don’t look too bad. Then you realize it took him through the early 2006 season to tally that many because of major injuries to his knee and then ankle. Grossman didn’t quite cut it as the Bears’ No. 1.

The Giants had the plan to sit the No. 1 overall pick with future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, then in the shakiest part of his career, in hand as their veteran alternative. That lasted only NFL Jerseys Cheap until Week 11, and Manning has started every Giants game in the past decade.

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why would the Mets have needed to spend on depth?

The Mets can’t do that. They should be able to, but we’re years past the point where this should be a surprise. This is what the organization’s fate will be indefinitely, and you almost forget when they commit to a Cespedes. When they need some of that depth in the lineup or rotation, though, you sure remember.

Really, what they should do is have their best young pitcher teach two other young pitchers his secrets, and then those two young pitchers can teach four young pitchers their secrets, and so on. Then they’ll have an armada of talented, inexpensive pitchers, and it won’t matter who gets hurt. If someone could get this plan to the Wilpons, that’d be a huge help to the organization.

Still, why would the Mets have needed to spend on depth? They had a gaggle of starting pitchers before the season started. Pitchers who could make the rotations of 20 teams around baseball were going to start in the minors. This isn’t a money thing. This is more about how …

If LaVar is right again, this has implications far beyond the Ball family’s paycheck. It could shift the entire business model for professional athlete brands.

The status quo works in major corporations’ favors when the masses insist that an incoming top draft pick with a valuable personal brand in tow should fall in line and know to never ask for too much. But if Ball secures his co-branding partnership and Lonzo delivers on the court, the message will be sent Basketball Jerseys Custom very clearly to future athletes: They may not have to settle for less.

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This is the most promising Wizards season in

It’s a stress on an offense to have a non-shooting shooting guard. But under new coach David Fizdale, Memphis put together decent shooting figures despite Allen’s lack of offensive contribution. The Grizzlies ranked No. 13 in three-point rate (a frequency metric) and No. 17 in three-point percentage. They are the Rockets or Warriors, but they aren’t the Thunder or Bulls.

One came in his sophomore season against Idaho State. That reception, a connection with eventual Oregon QB Vernon Adams, showed off both Kupp’s hands and his knack for altering his routes.

“We had made some adjustments on a few different plays,” he said. “They kept going cover 1, and we were just missing on a few inside fade balls. We had a little corner route called from the slot, and we [had three receivers to one side], and they were going middle field-open. And so we adjusted NHL Jerseys Wholesale it to a seam route, and going up the middle, it was basically running the seam off a Mike backer.”

This is the most promising Wizards season in, well … for the sake of Wizards fans, we don’t have to count. What we do know is they haven’t been to a conference finals since 1979. They hadn’t won their division since that season, either, and that finally happened this year. Maybe the conference finals come next.

That’s easy to say for me as an outsider. For a Wizards fan — a fan of any D.C. sports team, if you want to expand the perspective — they’re just waiting for something bad to happen. Can you blame them? Over the past 38 years (sorry) only bad things have happened.

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