The Mets can’t do that. They should be able to, but we’re years past the point where this should be a surprise. This is what the organization’s fate will be indefinitely, and you almost forget when they commit to a Cespedes. When they need some of that depth in the lineup or rotation, though, you sure remember.

Really, what they should do is have their best young pitcher teach two other young pitchers his secrets, and then those two young pitchers can teach four young pitchers their secrets, and so on. Then they’ll have an armada of talented, inexpensive pitchers, and it won’t matter who gets hurt. If someone could get this plan to the Wilpons, that’d be a huge help to the organization.

Still, why would the Mets have needed to spend on depth? They had a gaggle of starting pitchers before the season started. Pitchers who could make the rotations of 20 teams around baseball were going to start in the minors. This isn’t a money thing. This is more about how …

If LaVar is right again, this has implications far beyond the Ball family’s paycheck. It could shift the entire business model for professional athlete brands.

The status quo works in major corporations’ favors when the masses insist that an incoming top draft pick with a valuable personal brand in tow should fall in line and know to never ask for too much. But if Ball secures his co-branding partnership and Lonzo delivers on the court, the message will be sent Basketball Jerseys Custom very clearly to future athletes: They may not have to settle for less.