Takk McKinley is best known for carrying a large framed photo of his grandmother, Myrtle Collins, on stage with him after being selected No. 26 overall by the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL draft. His passionate speech about his grandma, who raised him, included an F-bomb. He created a sensation when he said the NFL could “Fine me later, man,” about his swearing.

“You can shoot a cannon in a stadium, or you can shoot a musket in a stadium as well,” Norman added. “If one of them is bad and looked at as dangerous, how come not all of them are looked at in that way? … When someone shoots an imaginary bow and arrow up in the sky, that’s a penalty?”

Cooks, whose Instagram handle is thearcher10, has mimicked a bow and arrow shot following each of his 17 touchdowns over the last two seasons. The former Saints receiver who was traded to the Patriots has not received a single flag or penalty for his simulated archery.

Norman also referenced the shooting of a cannon at Tampa Bay’s Raymond James Stadium and Gillette Stadium’s “End Zone Militia,” who shoot muskets in the air after the Patriots score.

NFL official Carl Johnson was at Redskins camp Sunday to explain the league’s new rules and points of emphasis for the 2017 season. He made it clear that any form of imaginary weaponry celebrations are illegal.

Tomlinson cited the sacrifices his mother made, like saving enough money for Lsu Cheap Jerseys Tomlinson to attend a football camp hosted by former Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek. Also at the camp were receiver Michael Irvin and running back Emmitt Smith, whom Tomlinson had a chance meeting at the camp.

Tomlinson said he left that camp “at the top of the world” believing he could fulfill Kobe Bryant Cheap Jerseys his dream of playing in the NFL.