Yesterday we posted our thoughts on Nikita Kucherov’s comments to Pavel Lysenkov of We heard some skepticism from our fanbase about the accuracy of the translation, so we reached out to Russian-to-English translator Igor Nikonov (@nikonov_igor on Twitter). Nikonov provide us with his best translation effort on the entire article text. Because translation is somewhat subjective, here is The Hockey Writer’s translation by Alessandro Seren Rosso for comparison.

I’m hoping Fizdale’s success will open the door for assistants like Stephen Silas and Darvin Ham. Both have been around the game forever. Ham has ex-player cred, but Silas is the son of Paul and both have paid their dues in all manner of assistant coach responsibilities. Both those guys deserve looks and there a dozen other assistants who merit consideration.

The Rockets and Thunder were engaged in a thrilling basketball game until a free throw shooting contest broke out during the fourth quarter.

With 4:11 on the clock, the Rockets began intentionally fouling Andre Roberson, who shot 42.3 percent from the free throw line this season. Roberson missed both shots, so the Rockets did it again. And again. And once more.

In four trips, Roberson shot 2-of-8 on those free throws and is now 2-of-17 in this series. Free throws, in fact, are not always free.

The Thunder took Roberson out with 3:01 left in the fourth quarter, subbing him back in after the two-minute mark, where that strategy can’t be used. Oklahoma City wasn’t able to play its best perimeter defender because he couldn’t put a basketball through the hoop from 15 feet away. As a viewer, our Cheap Wbc Jerseys thrilling back-and-forth sport was instead replaced with professional athletes standing around watching Cheap Volleyball Jerseys For Women set shots. They stood there very athletically, though.